Kendo UI Yeoman Generator v1 Is Fresh Out The Kitchen

About a year after I promised Addy I would get this done, the first version of the Kendo UI Yeoman generator has arrived. The goal of this generator for me was to get an understanding of how Yeoman generators are built and to create a very basic generator that could be extended for all manor of project scenarios.

So let’s get it running…

> npm install -g generator-kendo-ui

You might have to sudo that if you get a permissions error.

Now create a new Kendo UI Project with Yeoman

> mkdir new-project && cd new-project
> yo kendo-ui

You will be greated with the out-of-the-box components list. All are selected by default. Right now you get Bootstrap, Modernizr and RequireJS. If you select Bootstrap, the generator will use the Kendo UI Bootstrap CSS integrations as well as include the bootstrap.js file in the index page. If you de-select Bootstrap, it will use the Kendo UI default styles and that is all.

Modernizr gets added to your page automatically unless you de-select it.

RequireJS just gets copied to your project’s scripts directory. It’s really just saving you from having to type bower install requirejs. You’re welcome.

You can run the project (with LiveReload capabilities) by running…

> grunt serve

Upcoming Tasks

Here are a few of the items that I would like to see incorporated into this generator for a good v1:

  • Add concat/minify grunt tasks
  • If RequireJS is chosen, wire up a simple main file
  • Add CoffeeScript support
  • Add test framework support
  • yo kendo-ui:spa
  • should generate a boilerplate SPA application
  • Add express as a choice when creating the application
  • Add FontAwesome if Bootstrap is chosen

If you have any other suggestions or ideas, PLEASE feel free to fork and send a pull request.

Hugs and kisses to everyone for Valentine’s day.

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